Hazard Communication Software

GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Authoring, Labeling and Distribution Software.

Not all hazard communication software systems are equal. When selecting compliance software, manufacturers should screen providers to ensure they have a track record of success. Software should be global, configurable to business-specific needs and flexible enough to grow and adapt. Implementing software and protocol that complies with, for example, the latest GHS regulations, can help tackle the challenges of hazard communication, but can also maximize supply chain efficiency.

Hazard communication standards – aka “workers’ right to know” – are designed to protect employees and the public. If humans are going to be exposed, HazCom standards dictate that they must be informed.

At the heart of these guidelines is the chemical or product manufacturer. As the upstream source of many downstream products, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to undertake hazard assessments and communicate those risks through SDS documents, appropriate hazard communication labeling and employee training. Manual processes can be cumbersome and unreliable, so technology — specifically hazard communication software solutions like Safeware Quasar products, WERCS eLite and WERCS Studio —  is key.

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WERCS Studio

UL Wercs’ flagship hazard communication and data management software is comprised of 30+ scalable modules that provide the most flexible automated compliance solutions available. Whether it is an onsite or hosted solution, the platform is built around a central substance database that offers flexibility to build and grow with your company’s needs.

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Small to mid-size organizations challenged by GHS and other region-specific regulations, can now further advance legislative compliance.  eLITE enables an organization to seamlessly create and distribute SDS documents using a secure, web-based platform. Furthermore, WERCS eLITE offers a powerful solution that is right-sized for a smaller company’s needs and budget.

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As low-cost, subscription-based compliance authoring application, UL WERCS Link (formerly UL Secure Connect) is built with powerful features that offer flexibility in both functionality and services that change how regulatory departments respond to meeting chemical compliance. UL WERCS Link is a private hazard communication database that securely connects requests to the professional services of WERCSmart®. Both the data and documents are returned to the private database for the user to manage, distribute, and even optionally share with your ERP/formulation systems.

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Self-service SDS Authoring with ULGHS.com

ULGHS.com is a first of its kind, self-service SDS (Safety Data Sheet), automated GHS-compliant SDS authoring solution aptly suited for the small to mid-size company that produce chemical-containing products.

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