Supply Chain Risk Management

Minimize risk inherent in the supply chain with advanced software and secure online platforms

Suppliers, manufacturers and retailers face inherent supply chain risk when material compliance data is incorrect, outdated or incomplete. UL Wercs provides advanced software solutions, secure online platforms and extensive global regulatory advisory expertise to help reduce supply chain risk — all while safeguarding your brand.

Get true regulatory insight into your chemical supply chain with UL Supply Chain Network and WERCSmart’s supply chain sustainability and reporting tools. New regulations relating to safe handling, global transportation, storage, disposal, selling restrictions and point of origin (i.e., conflict minerals) are appearing at a staggering rate. Coupled with nuances in global language translation requirements, maintaining chemical regulatory and SDS compliance is becoming one of the most dynamic and challenging functions in many organizations. WERCSmart—developed to provide major corporations such as Walmart, Target and Home Depot with quick access to the most comprehensive supply chain sustainability information and regulatory compliance data—helps better enable today’s fast-paced, global trade.

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UL Supply Chain Network Platform

Eliminate product questionnaire frustration and fatigue with UL’s Supply Chain Network.

Countless requests for product information, ranging from chemicals to finished goods, create an unreasonable demand on supplier resources and result in inaccurate or incomplete submissions to manufacturers, ultimately weakening the integrity and value of supply chain data. The current situation can result in the investment in countless man hours providing the same data in different formats, loss of business and/or lack of compliance due to the likelihood of manual errors.

UL’s Supply Chain Network provides manufacturers and their suppliers with a secure, efficient and powerful way to organize, aggregate, utilize and share supply chain data.

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WERCSmart connects manufactures with retailers to meet critical compliance and data sharing needs. Our trusted platform helps manufacturers and retailers send, receive, organize and analyze sensitive product information while taking advantage of additional support services UL has to offer.

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Conflict Minerals

UL’s Conflict Minerals Platform is a comprehensive decision-support system that enables manufacturers and retailers to collect, interpret and manage data up and down the supply chain. This scalable platform supports customer needs related to the Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry (RCOI) required by the Dodd-Frank Act. It also manages more than 450,000 product UPCs for 7,400 suppliers selling to all of the largest U.S. retailers.

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