Sustainability & Product Stewardship

Decision-support tools for consumers, manufacturers and retailers

Decision-support tools like PurView make it easy for manufacturers and retailers to instantly analyze and manage materials and product assortments based on configurable criteria — and have the ability to go beyond compliance to sustainability and product stewardship.

PurView is a comprehensive decision-support solution that enables manufacturers and retailers to collect, analyze, and manage supply chain sustainability against enterprise-specific and regulatory requirements. Use the information gathered from your supply chain to meet increasing consumer and regulatory demands for transparency.

Leverage data across complex, multi- level supply chains and make sustainability criteria available to buyers to monitor, manage and evaluate end-to-end sourcing.

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PurView for Manufacturers

Lower costs and meet consumer demand for product transparency by creating your own evaluative framework to qualify materials based on a set of custom sustainability criteria, facilitating the sourcing of environmentally-preferable products.

PurView for Retailers

Ensure that you meet your sustainability goals and source environmentally-preferable products by creating your own evaluative framework in the UL PurView Platform to qualify products based on a set of custom sustainability criteria.

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GoodGuide’s mission is to provide consumers with the information they need to make better shopping decisions. As more consumers choose products that contain ingredients with fewer health concerns and look to a trusted partner for ratings guidance, GoodGuide’s consumer visits increase.  Over one million shopping decisions each month are influenced by GoodGuide — learn how to get your product featured on GoodGuide now.

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