Sustainable Sourcing Guidance

Easily assess the health and environmental impact of your formulations and get sourcing-decision support.


Create and meet retailer standards

Go beyond regulatory compliance, and streamline the process of creating and meeting retailer sustainability standards, with our PurView platform. With this multi-attributes supply chain risk management platform, retailers can survey and request information from manufacturers on any topic—enabling more sustainable, ethical purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, manufacturers can simplify the information-sharing process and immediately gauge how their products live up to retailer product standards.

  • Make sustainability criteria available to buyers to monitor, manage and evaluate end-to-end sourcing
  • Use the information gathered from your supply chain to meet increasing consumer and regulatory demands for transparency
  • Go beyond compliance to ensure products and suppliers operate within brand and industry sustainability criteria
  • Protect your company’s reputation by tracking and controlling product formulation decisions and social compliance
  • Allow suppliers to upload product data quickly and securely


Green Chemistry Scoring

Through GreenWERCS, manufacturers can drive greener formulations by analyzing ingredients—and their potential impact on human health and the environment. Use pre-identified scoring and weighting algorithms—or input your own parameters—to flag bioaccumulative and toxic substances (PBT); carcinogens; mutagens or reproductive toxicants (CMR); potential hazardous waste; and probable endocrine disrupters in your products. The resulting “green score” and visual analysis provides actionable information about the most immediate opportunities for reformulation.

In addition to the risk management benefits, this tool helps manufacturers meet the increasing consumer demand for greater transparency and healthier product formulations. Retailers and distributors benefit by gaining the information they need to drive sustainability throughout the supply chain. Finally, government agencies get a simple and straightforward tool to assess the chemical makeup of everyday products for regulatory purposes.

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