Regulatory Assurance Program

UL’s Global Experts Offer Total Regulatory Assurance

Whether you are a small business that needs compliance knowledge to grow or a large corporation that needs surge capacity for the latest compliance deadline, UL Wercs Regulatory Assurance Program has the chemical regulatory and scientific expertise, experienced staff, and automated systems to efficiently provide the regulatory assistance you need.

Our industry proven, diversely skilled team of regulatory experts cover a broad range of your stewardship needs backed by UL’s global network of on the ground experts who understand not only the regulations but the cultural needs to business success.

If you are dealing with challenges in understanding compliance obligations, creating compliance documents, moving goods through the supply chain, chemical substitutions and/or bringing your new substance to market, we can assist.

One of our Project Specialists will be happy to contact you to understand how we may add value to your business by utilizing our expertise and automation.  From our Concierge Services — where your current questions are quickly answered as the business need arises — to our Full Partnership — where our regulatory staff is yours — we are happy to customize the Stewardship Program that meets your current challenges and supports your business growth into the future.

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News and Resources

Shipping Regulations

Proposition 65 – Article 6

Proposition 65  Article 6: On August 30, 2016, California’s Code of Regulations governing the…

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Proposition 65 – Article 6

Proposition 65 – Article 6: An Overview of Amendment § 25601 in Title 27

Proposition 65 – Article 6: An Overview of Amendment § 25601 in Title 27 The…

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New CLP Regulation Update will Harmonize Poison Center Information

A significant CLP Regulation update will see Poison Center information harmonized across the EU….

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Nanomaterials guidance regulations

Nanomaterials Guidance Under REACH Review

In a move that could affect US manufacturers and chemical companies that do business…

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