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Trust UL The Wercs—the most trusted and established sustainable supply chain data management and SDS authoring software compliance partner—to navigating today’s complex, global regulatory landscape.

  • More than three decades of experience
  • Thousands of customers on almost every continent—including Baxter, Christian Hansen, Goodyear, Wal-Mart and more
  • Backing of UL—more than a century of expertise in safety solutions and standards
  • Unmatched data—20,000+ phrases in more than 46 languages; 30+ country specific templates; thousands of industry/region rules

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Streamline your data management responsibilities—from authoring and translation to distribution.

Escalating regulations such as GHS, with complex geographic implications, are turning up the pressure. We understand these challenges, and the solutions to overcome them, better than anyone. Thanks to decades of input from hundreds of customers, our SDS, hazard labeling and transportation classification solutions are the most established and trusted in the industry. As the core of all of our offerings, UL The Wercs software provides comprehensive automated authoring, distribution, management and translation capabilities—all of which are scalable, flexible and ready for any application. We cover:

  • SDS Authoring
  • SDS Consulting
  • Self-service GHS Compliance
  • SDS Management
  • SDS Distribution
  • SDS Translation
  • Chemical Data Management
  • Hazard Labeling
  • Transportation Classification

Mitigate risk in your manufacturing or retail organization with up-to-date regulatory data.

Get true regulatory insight into your chemical supply chain with WERCSmart. New regulations relating to safe handling, global transportation, storage, disposal, selling restrictions and point of origin (i.e., conflict minerals) are appearing at a staggering rate. Coupled with nuances in global language translation requirements, maintaining chemical regulatory compliance is becoming one of the most dynamic and challenging functions in many organizations. WERCSmart—developed to provide major corporations such as Walmart, Target and Home Depot with quick access to the most comprehensive regulatory compliance data—enables today’s fast-paced, global trade.

Work with our experts to develop and implement a customized compliance automation plan.

Whether your regulatory compliance team consists of one person or a large global team, a strong partner can help minimize risk and save time and resources. Backed by decades of experience in supply chain data management and compliance—and more than a century of setting global safety standards—UL can be a seamless extension of your team. In addition to our time-tested automation software, a consultative, customized approach helps enhance your compliance processes.

Our capabilities run the gamut—with authoring, translation, management or distribution solutions for a wide variety of compliance challenges. Our hands-on team has helped hundreds of companies streamline complex global logistics. Download our brochure here to learn more.

Promote REACH compliance based on quantity triggers and defined timelines.

Our expert team has been heavily involved in standardizing processes for successful REACH compliance. This expertise and invaluable knowledge extend into our Substance Volume Tracking solution—which enables organizations to become REACH-compliant based on quantity triggers and defined timelines. This intuitive software module and process helps organizations to easily:

  • Capture physical, chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological properties of all chemicals that are being manufactured and imported into Europe
  • Make decisions by analyzing this data through robust analytic tools and the most current regulatory data
  • Become compliant by seamlessly pushing relevant chemical data to the IUCLID 5 database
  • Design reports for Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and Korea

Enable automatic VOC/HAPs reporting.

Our online reporting module enables manufacturers to eliminate manual systems for VOC/HAPs reporting. The module automatically gathers VOC/HAPs data from your SDS and cross-references it with order history—allowing your customers to enter the name of your product and get a complete VOC/HAPs emission analysis for annual reporting requirements. This valuable tool reduces the turnaround time for gathering critical data from several weeks to instant access, and greatly decreases the strain on your internal resources.

Easily assess the health and environmental impact of your formulations and get sourcing-decision support.

Create and meet retailer standards
Streamline the process of creating—and meeting—retailer sustainability standards with our PurView platform. With this multi-attributes supply chain risk management platform, retailers can survey and request information from manufacturers on any topic—enabling more sustainable, ethical purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, manufacturers can simplify the information-sharing process and immediately gauge how their products live up to retailer product standards.

Green Chemistry Scoring
Through GreenWERCS, manufacturers can drive greener formulations by analyzing ingredients—and their potential impact on human health and the environment. Use pre-identified scoring and weighting algorithms—or input your own parameters—to flag bioaccumulative and toxic substances (PBT); carcinogens; mutagens or reproductive toxicants (CMR); potential hazardous waste; and probable endocrine disrupters in your products. The resulting “green score” and visual analysis provides actionable information about the most immediate opportunities for reformulation. Retailers and distributors benefit by gaining the information they need to drive sustainability throughout the supply chain.

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Chemicals and compliance: A company-wide approach to hazard communication

Only when a ship is stalled at a port, or when gaps in safety data sheets appear, does regulatory compliance truly capture our attention. This guide will help you take a more proactive approach. What areas of your hazard communications do you need to fortify? Which could be more efficient? This free guide offers tips to:

  • Get a better grip on the hazards within hazard communications
  • Select and customize the best possible automated compliance system
  • Strengthen your overall regulatory approach, now and for the future

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