MSDS | SDS Authoring, Management and Distribution software

WERCS eLITE SDS Software is a cost-effective, web-based solution designed specifically for small to mid-size organizations to automate the authoring and distribution of SDS documents.

WERCS eLITE greatly reduces the time and costs required for the preparation and distribution of SDS documents. The software enables an organization to seamlessly create and distribute SDSs using a secure web-based platform. Furthermore, WERCS eLITE offers a solution that does not require substantial capital investment.

Built on a dynamic database architecture, WERCS eLITE allows for advanced query functionality and easy updates. Small to mid-size organizations challenged by GHS, and other country-specific regulations, can now further advance legislative compliance.

Features Include:

  • Quick and easy-to-learn intuitive interface
  • Automated population of SDS in Sections 2,3,8,11,12,13,15and16
  • Regulatory content from more than 100 global lists
  • Standard US and EU/CLP SDS templates
  • Multilingual phrase library with more than 21,000 phrases for instant SDS translation into 45+ languages
  • Automatic PDF secure document creation with immediate Web availability
  • Integration with a database of a quarter million raw materials
  • Global GHS classification module and transportation classification module
  • Automated European product classification (includes R- and S-phrases and Annex I Data)
  • Automated analysis of product components against current regulations Webviewer
  • LabelWERCS Designer Module • Print station
  • EU, GHS, WHMIS and Transportation Wizards
  • Automatic PDF secure document creation with internet and intranet distribution
  • Seamless updates

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