WERCSmart Platform

WERCSmart Platform Helps Manufacturers and Retailers Send, Receive, Organize and Analyze Product Information

Retailers and other participants in the WERCSmart platform, who sell, transport, store or dispose of your product face challenges in complying with increasingly complex federal, state and local regulations. The data contained in the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) supplied with the products frequently do not contain sufficient information for compliance with these regulations. WERCSmart provides retailers, and other participants, the data required to comply with these regulations.

Our trusted platform was carefully designed to help manufacturers and retailers send, receive, organize and analyze sensitive product information.

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News and Resources

OSHA releases three new Process Safety Management (PSM) publications

OSHA has released three guidance documents to help employers comply with the agency’s Process Safety Management (PSM)…

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ECHA REACH chemicals

ECHA: Data on 15,000 chemicals now available to use

Key information on around 15,000 ECHA REACH chemicals can now be downloaded and used. Researchers,…

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Shipping Regulations

Shipping Regulations for Lithium Battery-Containing Products

This webinar provides a brief overview of shipping regulations for lithium battery-containing products, discussing both…

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Australia Environmental Risk Management

Australia introduces a new version of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code

Australia has just released version 7.5 of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG). The…

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