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After three decades serving marquee clients in all industries, UL Wercs is the chosen solution for Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring and global supply chain compliance—simplifying every regulatory challenge from GHS to REACH. UL Wercs is backed by decades of experience in regulatory compliance—and more than a century of setting global standards in safety science. Contact us today—and learn how we can help you navigate this ever-changing global landscape, shatter information silos and streamline complex logistics.

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ban on common degreasing chemical

UL Regulatory Assurance for supply chain data management and chemical compliance

The weight of the world’s complex regulation falls on your shoulders. At the least,…

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SDS Authoring: FAQs about GHS labels

Q: Is there a limit to the number of precautionary statements that appear on…

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The future of compliance and chemical data management

Regulatory requirements are frequently changing to reflect new research, safety compliance and consumer demand,…

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Part two—Global regulatory update: What’s happening with GHS?

If you caught part one of our recap of some notable country/region-specific chemical regulation…

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