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Regulatory Advisory Services

Global and diverse regulatory, technical and industry expert advice.

Regulatory Advisory Services bridge the gap between your business resources and the growing challenges in materials compliance.

Whether you are a small business that needs compliance knowledge to grow, or a large corporation that needs surge capacity for yet the latest compliance deadline, UL Wercs has the regulatory and scientific expertise, experienced staff, and automated systems to efficiently provide the regulatory advisory services you need.

Our Regulatory Advisory Services are uniquely positioned to serve as an extension of your EH&S department. Our global regulatory experts advance compliance and save you time and money. Additionally, many of our core services are offered in concert with WERCS Studio software.

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Hazard Communication Services

Chemical regulatory compliance can vary depending on the region of the world. Our global staff of professionals have regional expertise in Europe, Asia – Pacific regions, US, Canada, South America, Russia, among other areas that can create, update, classify and even translate your product SDS documents and hazard labels.

Be assured that your documents comply with all local, national and international regulations, including GHS, EU-CLP and other global formats. For those customers currently utilizing UL WERCS software, Regulatory Advisory Services can provide industry and customer-specific rule writing services that will allow you to achieve complete automation in the creation of your SDS documents.

Toxicology Risk Assessments

Highlight your company’s efforts to create safe and compliant products. Toxicology Risk Assessment (TRA) provides a critical summary of your products compliance with health and safety standards and regulations to ensure global market acceptance.

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Aquatic Toxicity

Regulatory Advisory experts can work with your company to assess the potential for a product’s aquatic toxicity.

REACH Registration Services

Interpreting obligations under REACH is complex and many companies have difficulty determining what must be done. Go beyond compliance and streamline the process of creating and maintaining proper REACH registration with UL WERCS regulatory advisory services. Expedite your product’s time to market and eliminate the costly chance of noncompliance by allowing UL regulatory experts ensure that compliance documents and registration dossiers meet all regulatory requirements, are high quality and complete, and pass ECHA dossier compliance checks.

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Predictive Toxicology

New and existing chemical substances are often lacking in health and physical endpoint data. UL Regulatory Advisory Services can help where there is a need to develop chemical data, yet minimize animal testing, in an efficient cost-effective manner. Our regulatory experts can advise businesses on the innovative technology to interface to and from predictive toxicology tools that allow for automated data gap filling of chemical hazard endpoints.

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Regulatory Assurance Program

Due to cyclical compliance demands, like GHS, regulatory departments are often in flux, sometimes with unpredictable labor and outsourcing costs. Shortages of regulatory professionals worldwide can also result in companies being without the appropriate human resources. The UL Regulatory Assurance Program allows businesses of all sizes to operate a lean regulatory department by working together with our regulatory experts to create customized regulatory programs.

The UL Regulatory Assurance Program offers the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective approach to managing global chemical compliance, with UL’s most trusted, international regulatory experts.

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