REACH Registration Services and Software

Easily move chemicals in Europe by preparing registration with UL’s REACH expertise

Get help navigating the complicated requirements of REACH regulations in order to export products to Europe

REACH Registration Services and Software – With the final European REACH deadline quickly approaching in May 2018, companies are urgently gathering critical toxicity information about their products. But with only about 3% of the 83,000 chemicals used in U.S. commerce having been studied by regulatory bodies to assess human health impacts, finding the needed information can be expensive and time consuming.

UL offers software and service solutions designed to help you meet the REACH 2018 registration deadline. These are:

Predictive Toxicology Software Application called the REACHAcross™ Module

The UL Cheminformatics Platform employs the world’s largest dataset of chemicals and uses advanced complex algorithms to predict hazards through chemical similarity. As a result, toxicological data can now be explored on an unprecedented scale for computational predictive toxicology.

Whether you work for a manufacturer, are a consulting toxicologist, filing independently or through a Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF), the REACHAcross Module can help you produce REACH dossier compliant toxicology reports with speed and precision.

REACHAcross can also be used to produce your REACH compliant Toxicology Assessment Reports, or to supplement your conventional read-across arguments to provide additional weight of evidence at minimal cost.

REACHAcross is:

  • An Advanced Computational Toxicology Tool
  • A Cost-effective Alternative to Animal Testing
  • Fast – Accurate Results in Minutes

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REACH Registration Services

Go beyond compliance and streamline the process of creating and maintaining proper REACH registration with UL Wercs REACH Registration Services.

Leverage UL’s REACH regulatory, toxicology and chemical industry expertise, in addition to our powerful software suite, to be sure your company is compliant.  UL’s REACH registration services can provide:

  • Identification of required compliance actions
  • Compilation and analysis of chemical data
  • Establishing substance sameness
  • Creation of compliance documents
  • Assembly of REACH registration dossiers
  • Creation of Extended Safety Data Sheets (with a phrase library of over 21,000 phrases translated into 46 languages)
  • Automated collection and communication of supply chain information


Regulatory expertise ensures that compliance documents and registration dossiers meet regulatory requirements, are high quality and complete, and pass ECHA dossier compliance checks. This allows for faster time to market and eliminates the costly chance of noncompliance.

Moreover, access to REACH services and software deliverables is scalable to meet all business needs.  From providing professional service advice on the REACH process and preparing individual dossiers to full registration services — including developing letters to ECHA, SIEF communications, data gap analysis, CSR, Safety Data Sheets and more — UL is ready to assist clients with all of their REACH services needs to coordinate all activities and ensure timely completion of projects.

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