Understanding SUMIs – Safe Use of Mixtures Information

Communicating the Safe Use of Mixtures Information Across Market Sectors Categories: Chemical Data Management and Regulatory Compliance Software, Industry News, REACH, REACH Registration Services, White Papers Jul 18, 2017

SUMI – An industry developed new concept for chemical mixtures

SUMI, Safe Use of Mixtures Information, was developed through a “bottom-up” approach by CEPE/EuPIA and other downstream associations to facilitate communication of safe use information for mixtures based on substance ESs. It is envisioned that information will be provided for hazardous mixtures, supplied for occupational uses (i.e. industrial/professional), however note that it is not necessary to use this approach for non-hazardous mixtures, even though you may supply an SDS.

This white paper provides a background on REACH as well as new concepts and terminology that SUMI provides.

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