Allergan uses GreenWERCS to evaluate current products and promote greener alternatives

Categories: Customer stories, GoodGuide, PurView Sustainability Platform for Retailers, Sustainability & Product Stewardship Jun 03, 2016

Founded in 1950, Allergan is a diversified global pharmaceutical company headquarted in Dublin, Ireland. Allergen’s brand portfolio features Dermatology and Aesthetics, CNS, Eye Care, Women’s Health and Urology, GI and Cystic Fibrosis, Cardiovascular and Infectious Disease.

Allergan was interested in implementing a method for demonstrating and comparing the safety and effectiveness of their products. Interest came about as a result of Allergan’s exposure to Walmart’s “Green Score,” an automated tool designed to quickly review products by category, providing meaningful information about chemical hazards to users


Allergan began using GreenWERCS, an automated tool created by UL The Wercs and designed to determine the “green”-ness and safety of  chemical-based products. Using GreenWERCS, Allergan developed a customized scoring model to review all incipient ingredients against authoritative human health and environmental concerns. Products were first compared against one another, then as groups. Scoring products provided immediate credibility and reliable proof to internal marketing teams. It also gave R&D and EHS a better way to view and organize product formulations, enabling the substitution of greener alternatives.

This type of sensitivity to which alternatives have the potential of being regulated allows formulators to immediately begin work on safer alternatives, saving significant amounts of money with new products and substitutions to existing products in a phase-proactive approach.

A Necessary Measure

Proactively evaluating API, leveraging testing and toxicological data before products reach the end of the pipeline positively affects time to market and FDA approval processes, driving the development of safer, greener products for the future.


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