WERCSmart In-store Audit Team using ItemScan

Categories: Customer stories, Sustainability & Product Stewardship, WERCSmart Platform Nov 04, 2016

UL is now offering an in-store auditing service to assist retailers with ensuring full compliance with the WERCSmart program.  Using UL’s innovative ItemScan smartphone application, the WERCSmart Audit Team ensures that retailers have data for the chemical-containing products in their stores.  By checking the store physical inventory, ItemScan can quickly determine the level of supplier compliance with the WERCSmart program.  This data allows retailers to target suppliers who have not yet joined WERCSmart and capture important storage, disposal, and transportation data.

Spotlighted Features
of ItemScan

Secure Secure
Obtain fast, accurate and secure compliance data.

Scan Scan UPCs
Receive full product compliance data or choose by a specific category.

History History
Archives your last 90 day scans by user.

Share Share
Ability to email
scanned results.

What is the in-store auditing service?

The store-level audit services is one component to the Audit-Advise-Comply agent support and services for WERCSmart retailers.

Audit – Advise – Comply gives retailers unprecedented control over ever-changing compliance regulations and supply chain intelligence needed to succeed in today’s national and global economies.

Our Agent Support and Services team for Retailers are here to help further secure you against unwanted risks and reduce improper handling, transportation, storage, and disposal of chemical containing products carried and sold in retail stores.

For more information on the support and services provided by Audit-Advise-Comply, download the brochure here.

If you are interested in speaking with a WERCSmart professional on how your business could benefit from these services, please call 800-572-6501.


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