Australia introduces a new version of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code

Version 7.5 of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG) Categories: Industry News, Regulatory Advisory Services, WERCS eLITE SDS Software, WERCSmart Platform Mar 03, 2017

Australia has just released version 7.5 of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG). The ADG is updated every 2 years, and becomes effective beginning March of 2017 with a one year transition period where either edition can be used (7.4 or 7.5). It is closely aligned with Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations (19th Edition). Some of the main changes include requirements around Polymerizing substances, Lithium ion batteries, Aerosol packaging, changes in some definitions, inclusion of new Special provisions, wording for Limited Quantities including for Retail distribution loads, and some testing requirements.

For further information please see the notification from NTC Australia.

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